NEA Hispanic Caucus Pacific Region Director

NEA Hispanic Caucus Pacific Region Director


Pacific Regional Director (2013-2015)

Caridad Rivera- CALIFORNIA 

Teachers Association of Long Beach

CTA-California Teachers Association 







“Otra guerita que se va pal otro lado y deja su lengua .”

(I know it’s not correct but that’s how it was said to me)

Words have so much power, we never know how they will affect someone. I was just 7 years old when a little old taxi driver said these words to me as my family was getting ready to cross the border from Tijuana Baja Calif. to San Ysidro, Calif. I remember I looked into his sad little eyes and responded with much sincerity “Yo nunca!”. It was those words I believe, that have kept me grounded in who I am. My first school was in a small migrant town in the Central Valley, of Westley, Calif. Many of my friends would come and go. The migrant camp would start coming to life in the spring, and then we had to say goodbye in the fall. I experienced bullying because I spoke Spanish, and ate beans and tortillas. When I was 15 we moved to Southern Calif. I have kept my promise to that little taxi driver.


After I graduated from High school I studied and taught Cosmetology, later I had my own business. Life happens, divorced with 3 sons (one set of twins) I went back to school. I attended National University and received my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies. I taught at a Christian school while I was in college. Now I’ve been at my present school for 20 years, due to the fact I was bilingual, I was hired. At that time I had not even passed the CBEST so I was hired with a teaching permit not even a temporary credential. As we say in my family “Me puse las pilas!” I was fully credential within 18 months. When there’s a will there’s a way. I have been an elementary teacher all these years, mostly 4th grade.


As I mentioned before I have 3 wonderful sons, all college graduates. My oldest son (married) was going to follow after my footsteps, but decided to take another route. Now he is changing his route again and is starting a career in plumbing. My middle son (engaged) is the Computer Technical Analyst for the School of Education at Loyola Marymount. My youngest is a journalist but is also back in school for radiology therapy working with cancer patients. I also have a beautiful 3 year old grand-daughter.

Association Experience

I have been active in our local association for 18 years, first as a rep for my school then as a board member.

State level I serve on CTA State council as the Minority-at-Large for our service center. I was the EMAC rep for CTA Hispanic Caucus. Currently I am the vice-chair for the caucus.

National level, I’ve been a delegate to the RA and member of the NEA Hispanic Caucus for at least 12 years. Now I serve you as your Pacific Regional Director.



Western Regional Director – (2013-2015)

Marisol Garcia – ARIZONA

Marisol Garcia is a veteran middle school social studies teacher within the Isaac School District, located in central Phoenix. She has served on site leadership teams, as a grade-level chair, social studies department chair, and helped create curriculum maps for all middle school social studies teachers. She has served as a mentor teacher, interim academic coach, and has implemented a high school choice program that has assisted hundreds of Isaac8th graders explore their high school options.

Currently president of the Isaac District Education Association, her position includes advocating for teachers and support staff throughout the Isaac district. She serves on the districts Interested Based Negotiations committee, calendar committee, REIL evaluation committee, and the districts 301(performance pay) committee.

At the state level Marisol serves on the Board of Directors and chairs the legislative and government relations committee for the Arizona Education Association. Additionally, she is currently the chair of the Ethnic minority Caucus, for the AEA.

Marisol came to the Isaac School District and teaching profession after working for ten years in politics, organizing campaigns and working for elected officials in both California and Washington D.C. She earned her BA in Political Science from the University of California at San Diego and teaching credential from San Francisco State University.

Marisol comes from a family of educators; both her parents are accomplished authors and educators and have worked in public education for over 40 years. She is the proud mother of her seven-year-old son, Vicente.


Saul Ramos NE

Northeast Region Director (2014-2016)


MTA – Massachusetts Teachers Association



Local (EAW – Educational Association of Worcester):
– Building Delegate
– Negotiations Committee
– ESP Sick Bank Committee (Chair)

State (MTA – Massachusetts Teachers Association):
– ESP Committee (2013– Present)
– Equal Opportunity Council (2014 – Present)
– Environmental Health and Safety Committee (2013 – Present)
– Delegate to the MTA Annual Meeting (2 years)
– Emerging Leaders Program graduate – Williamstown 2012
– Grievance I and I Training (2012-2013)
– ESP Conference (4 years)
– EMAC Conference (2 years

National (NEA – National Education Association):
– Hispanic Caucus:
– Northeast Regional Director (2014-Present)
– ESP Director (2012-2014)
– Elections Committee Chair (2013)

–ESP Leaders for Tomorrow participant (2014-Present)
– Representative Assembly Delegate (4 years)
– Minority Leadership Training graduate 2011
– Leadership Training 2014
– English Language Learner Program: A State and Local Summit (April 2013)

I have been a Braillist for the Worcester Public Schools in Worcester, Massachusetts for the past 15 years. I work with visually impaired students, adapting their class work into large print or Braille. My main goal is to make sure our students are integrated into their neighborhood public schools, become familiar with their surroundings, and make them as independent as possible. I have had strong ties with my students, having worked with one student from Kindergarten till he graduated from high School four years ago. I am an advocate for English Language Learners and Special Education students. With a lot of patience, understanding, and guidance, our students are capable of accomplishing anything any other student can. I believe in the public school system, as I am a product of it, and also in all the wonderful Educators who work within its walls, who day to day struggle to make this a better world for our students.

I am a proud Latino, born in San German, Puerto Rico and raised between Worcester, MA and San German. I attended Elementary School in Massachusetts, and Middle/High School in San German. It was a great experience to receive my education and fully develop and understand both languages. As a Latino, I am proud of my roots and the beautiful mix of cultures we all come from. I am a mixture of my mother’s Spaniard heritage and my father’s African and Taino heritage. I am an avid advocate for maintaining our culture alive and making sure our community, especially our youth, are in touch with their roots and embrace the beauty of it. Through Education and Art it is possible. I consider myself an Artist as much as an Educator. One way I do this is through ECAS Theater in Providence, RI. We are the leading non-profit independent Latino Arts Organization in New England dedicated to providing access to Spanish language and bilingual theater through live performances, workshops, and cultural education, while helping adults and young Latinos discover hidden talents, build self-confidence, and solidify their cultural and individual identity. Through our youth, we can make sure to keep our culture alive.


Kay JustianoMidwest Region Director (2013-2015)

Kay Justiniano- ILLINOIS

IEA-NEA Illinois Education Assocation 







Kay Justiniano is a first generation Puerto Rican living in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She is the youngest of four siblings, one of which is also a bilingual educator and administrator. She is a 5th year bilingual Spanish and English as a second language teacher at Maercker School in Westmont, Illinois. She previously taught bilingual and second language learners in Glendale Heights, Illinois and in Chicago, Illinois. She is going on her third year at Maercker School and is looking forward to helping build the bilingual program for her school, students, and community.

Kay previously belonged to the Queen Bee Education Foundation where she served as a board director. The foundation raised money for literacy in Queen Bee School District 16. Kay is also a member of the International reading Association. Kay is an assistant coach for the Girls on the Run program which teaches young girls how to live physically and emotionally healthy lives. Kay has volunteered to aid and teach adult ESL in the community. Kay was a recipient of the CHAPTER scholarship for education in 2007 and 2008.

Kay started her educational career at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois in 2004. After spending two years at NIU she transferred to Loyola University Chicago. She attended Loyola university Chicago and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Bilingual Bicultural Elementary Education with endorsements in middle school social science and English as a second language. Kay went on to the University Of Phoenix, where in 2011 she graduated with a Master’s Degree in education in curriculum and instruction.

Kay’s mission is to aid her students, parents, and community in becoming strong and productive members of society. The Puerto Rican culture and values her family instilled in her has led her to be a passionate advocate for all Latino community members. As a member and Midwest Director for the National Education Association Hispanic Caucus, Kay is eager to help the Latino community. She is eager to be a voice and advocate for the needs and wants of the Latino population not just in the Midwest but throughout the Country.




Ingrid O. Robledo, M. ED., NBCT









University of Miami-Master of Science in Education and World Languages. Multidisciplinary Team Leader.  National Board Certified Teacher. United Teachers of Miami-Dade Vice-president for Middle Schools. Union Building Steward. EESAC School Improvement. Educational Excellence School Advisory Council Chairperson . Directing Teacher for University of Miami and Florida International University. Educational Consultant. Educational European Trips, Magna Cum Laude Group Leader.  Educational, Cultural, Artistic and Professional Events Organizer and Coordinator.


1988-2016- Florida State Board of Education.  Educator’s Professional Certificate.  Subject Coverage:  Law, Spanish Grades K-12.

1989-1991- Master of Science in Education and World Languages.  School of Education, University of Miami.

1991-1992  Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España.  Fourth Annual Summer Institute on Children’s Literature.  Representing Miami-

Dade County Public Schools.

Academic Service

 1991-         Teacher, George Washington Carver Middle School.  Center for International Education, A+ Recognized School of                                    Excellence.

Teaching assignments: AP Spanish Language and Culture Educator.  Multidisciplinary Team Leader.

1991-         Clinical Supervisor of Educators.  Directing teacher for University of Miami and Florida International University.

1982-         Part Time Instructor, Miami Dade College. Teaching assignments:  Spanish for Native Speakers (all levels).  Intensive  Spanish                           Program Coordinator (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced).  Special Intensive Spanish Program, Air Force Base Homestead.

2000-          Consultant for Educational Reform at National Level. Secretary of  Education. Guatemala, Centro América.

 1976-         Magna Cum Laude Group Leader and organizer Educational European Trips.

1976-1979 Instructor, University of San Carlos, Guatemala. School of Law.

Teaching assignments:  Introduction to Sociology & Sociology of Guatemala,   Introduction to Philosophy, History of Guatemalan Culture.

1976-1979 Researcher, University of San Carlos, Guatemala. School of Law. Centro de Documentación del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas y Sociales.

Assignments: Sociology and Law Research. Approval of thesis to confer law degrees.


2010             Florida Education Association “Everyday Hero” Award

2007             Florida State-Outstanding Hispanic Educator,Governor’ Office Award.

2007             Florida Education Association Teaching Excellence Award, Finalist

2001             G. W. Carver Middle School “Teacher of the Year” Award.     

Memberships or professional affiliations:

  • UTD Vice-President for Middle Schools & Executive Board Member.
  • Florida Education Association Governance Board Member.
  • Delegate: National Education Association, American Federation Association, South Florida, AFL-CIO, Florida Education Association.
  • National Education Association-Hispanic Caucus Southwest Regional Director.
  • Chairperson Florida Education Association Minority Affairs Committee.
  • Florida Education Association Hispanic Caucus. Chairperson
  • United Teachers of Dade Intercultural and Human Rights Committee. Chairperson
  • NBCT advocate for educational reform and champion policies for our cause.
  • Elected Chairperson UTD Education Summit 2009.
  • UTD Spokesperson and Participant in debates with State Legislators, School Board members and MDCPS authorities to defend the rights of teachers and school personnel, to protect public education and safeguard our students, advocate of a fair, reliable and valid Teacher Evaluation.
  • Member of the NEA ELL Trainer of Trainers Cadre.
  • Active member of LULAC for civil rights, education, economic development, and equal opportunity.

No words speak louder than action.

A True Union Leader and Our Expert Voice

Championing and Advocating for Free Quality Public Education 


Mary Anne Framed

NEA Hispanic Caucus Retired Director (2013-2015)

Mary Ann Pacheco- CALIFORNIA

CTA-California Teachers Association 










Mary Ann Pacheco was born in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up in southern California.  She received her BA in English and Ethnic Studies from the University of Southern California (USC) and her MA in English from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  While at USC she was a student leader, serving as MECHA co-chair and helping to start USC’s El Centro Chicano as well as the first national Chicano literature festival, the Festival de Flor y Canto.  She served as the co-editor of the anthology which resulted from that festival.

Ms. Pacheco has been a teacher of English at Rio Hondo College in Whittier for over thirty years.  She has taught the full range of composition classes as well as grammar and literature classes, including British literature, American literature, Chicano literature, Shakespeare, and Mexican literature in Translation.  She also has been the coordinator of the Writing Workshop and the coordinator of writing assessment.

On the state level, she has been a member of the Bias Review Committee of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, working to ensure that any required tests of teacher candidates are bias free.

As a teacher leader, Ms. Pacheco has served as president of her local CTA/NEA chapter (the Rio Hondo College Faculty Association/CCA/NEA), the Rio Hondo College Academic Senate, and the statewide CTA Community College Association.  For ten years, she represented higher education on the CTA Board of Directors.  For three years, she represented higher education at-large on the NEA Board of Directors, and she served as a non-voting member of the Board for four years, representing the NEA Hispanic Caucus.  Ms. Pacheco represented higher education on the CTA/ABC/Political Allocations Committee for nine years.  She also served on the Board of Directors of the NEA’s Foundation for the Improvement of Education for ten years.  She has served as chair of the CTA Hispanic Caucus, co-chair of the CTA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee, chair of the NEA Hispanic Caucus, and co-chair of the NEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee.

Ms. Pacheco has been honored with the CTA César E. Chávez Si Se Puede Human Rights Award and the James Davenport Award of the National Council for Higher Education (NEA).  She also has received two state-wide and two local WHO (We Honor Ours) awards from the California Teachers Association.  Recently, the CTA Community College Association established the Mary Ann Pacheco Award to recognize, each year, those who have supported and promoted ethnic minority issues on campus.  In addition, Ms. Pacheco is a member of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Whittier, CA where, for many years she has served as a lector, a teacher in the pre-school Sunday school program, Women’s Bible Study leader, and a member of various singing groups.  Currently, she shares her spare time with her little dog, a Chihuahua/terrier mix named Logan.


  1. Maria H. Cantu -Clair

    Thank you and a big abrazo to “our NEA Hispanic Caucus Regional Directors” who have done an excellent job in being the facilitators at the Regionals!

    Maria H. Cantu-Clair

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