Union CoverGladys F. Marquez- NEA Hispanic Caucus Chair

Frankfort, Illinois

IEA-NEA Illinois Education Association

(Term 2014-2016)






  • IEA Local 218 Building Representative
  • IEA Region 28 Ethnic Minority Representative


  • IEA-Human & Civil Rights Committee
  • IEA-Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC)
  • IEA-Legislative Committee


  • NEA-Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (2010-Present)
  • NEA-Hispanic Caucus Midwest Regional Director (2009)
  • NEA-Hispanic Caucus Secretary (2010-2013)
  • NEA-Hispanic Caucus Vice Chair (2013-2014)
  • NEA-Resolutions Committee Member (2009-2014)
  • NEA-Social Justice Dialogue (2012)
  • NEA- Leadership Advisory Committee (2013)
  • NEA- Classroom Teachers, Professional Standards and Practices Committee (2014-2015)
  • NEA-MLTP & Cultural Competence Cadre Trainer (2012-Present)

Current Credentials

  • B.A. in Elementary Education (K-8)
  • B.A. in Secondary Education with a concentration in English, Reading, and Bio-Chemistry (6-12)
  • M.A. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation with a concentration in Bilingual Education
  • M.A. in Educational Administration

Educational Work in Progress

  • Ed. D. Educational Law


I am of Hispanic ancestry. I was born and raised in Blue Island, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I grew up in a traditional Hispanic household in which Spanish was the primary language. I have 5 brothers and 6 sisters, and many nieces and nephews. I am blessed with 4 wonderful sons. My eldest son is a secondary English teacher and reading specialist; my second oldest is a licensed EMT/ Paramedic and medical student working towards a Doctorate in Anesthesiology; My second youngest is a Freshman in college with plans on becoming a Neo-Natal Specialist; and my youngest son is a mere 3 years old with a promising future ahead of him.

My Inspiration

As a child, I remember my grandfather telling us stories of how we came to live in this great nation. My grandfather was fortunate to secure a position as a railroad worker on the Rock Island in the 1950’s. He worked as a migrant worker for 10 years before he was able to bring the entire family from, Zacatecas, Mexico in the 1960’s. My mother, then 13, explained how she struggled to understand the new language and culture. She talked about “not fitting in” and” feeling awkward and out of place.” She spoke about teachers not taking the time to teach her the language and her own feelings of inadequacy. She, like thousands of other immigrant students, decided to opt out of school and into the labor force taking a minimum wage factory job at the local steel mill, a trend I still see today. These discussions would fill me with sadness. How could my mother feel out of place? How could someone not appreciate her talent and her desire to learn? and most importantly…what was so wrong with our educational system that it would allow thousands of immigrant students to fall through the cracks? These questions would become my life’s passion. Today I look for the answer to these questions in the students I teacher. I work to help motivate, educate, and develop the skills and self-discipline necessary to fight for their futures. Cultural appreciation is the driving force behind these efforts. They know that if they believe in themselves, their heritage, and who they are, they can achieve that which they aspire to become. My students know that, for me, college is not an unattainable dream but an expectation to be achieved. I love what I do and work to make a difference in the life of every child who steps foot in my classroom. I change the world one child at a time. I am a teacher.

Together we can make a difference!Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always ready and willing to listen. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

ChristineChristine Virginia Trujillo – NEA Hispanic Caucus Treasurer

(Term 2013-2015)

Personal Highlights I’d like to share:

I am of Hispanic ancestry, born in Taos, New Mexico and raised in the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado.  I grew up bilingual in a traditional New Mexican home.  Although I do not have children of my own, I have 15 brothers and sisters and have helped raise more than 80-90 nieces/nephews, as well as supporting school parents and their children for the past 14 years. Association Experience: I have been an association member throughout my educational career.  Positions I’ve held and hold at the local level in my current and past district are; building AR, Bilingual Rep on Executive Board, Negotiations Team, Election Chair, Membership Committee and EMAC Core Committee Member.  At the state level I have served on the Election Committee.  On the national level I am a graduate of the NEA Emerging Leader Academy, past NEA Hispanic Caucus Western Regional Director, NEA Hispanic Caucus Liaison to the Women’s Caucus Steering Committee, NEA Diversity Cadre Trainer, NEA ELL Cadre Trainer and the current NEA Hispanic Caucus Treasurer.

Career Highlights I’d like to share:

I received my undergraduate degree from Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado and Masters’ Degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, in Linguistically and Diverse Education with Bilingual and ESL endorsements.  My passion and commitment in my educational career has been in working with all students but specifically with the EL population.  Advocating/supporting students, parents and teachers in the educational and political arenas has always been part of my work.  Having served as a past President, Treasurer and Keynote/Entertainment Director for the Colorado Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) has helped me network with great people who help me do this work. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mary Ann Rivera

Mary Ann Rivera – NEA Hispanic Caucus Secretary 

IEA-NEA Illinois Education Association 

(Term 2014-2016)



Catholic university of Puerto Rico

Dominican University



I started my career in education as a Title I teacher in Puerto Rico.  I taught English as a second language from pre-k  through third grade. Once I returned home to Chicago I taught in the Catholic Schools system working in classrooms from pre-k through grade 3.  Currently, I am a Special Education paraeducator for freshmen and sophomores students at Lyons Township High School. Aside from my work, I am a mom of two wonderful daughters and a wife to a very supportive husband. It is because of them that I am able to do what I love to do for my students, peers and union.

Topics or Areas of Interest:

I love to read! My fascination with historical fiction has no bounds. I also enjoy music and spending as much time as I can with my family. I am constantly reading online for current educational topics that pertain not only to teachers but to educational support staff and Hispanics issues. I enjoy traveling and going to conferences. It is through this that I am able to meet and learn from others who are also working in public schools. I enjoy networking and sharing information with others that share the same passions and beliefs that I hold in regard to education

Professional Learning Communities:

IEA-NEA Lyons Township IAPA Association Co-President

IEA-NEA Region 59 Ethnic Minority Representative

IEA-NEA CAPE (Committee to Combat Attacks on Public Education)


IEA-NEA Human and Civil Rights Committee

NEA Greater Public Schools Network Facilitator

NEA Hispanic Caucus Secretary










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